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Here are Greyboy Pet Prints, we help pet parents remember their animal companions through pet photography and handmade pet etchings so they have something beautiful and tangible to enjoy today and treasure long after their furry best friend is no longer with them.

Artist, Mandi, has over a decade of experience with wiggly, shy, and elderly pets as well as two decades creating fine art. Most pet photo sessions occur at a client’s home or nearby surroundings where a loved pet companion is most comfortable. For pet businesses needing commercial pet photography in Orange County and Inland Empire areas (Southern CA), photography usually occurs at the place of business needing images for marketing and display. Click the “Pet Photography” button below to watch a quick video of what a photo session is like and what clients have to say about their Greyboy Pet Prints pet portraits!

Mandi creates custom pet art etchings for those who already have a photo on their smartphone or camera that they’d like to commission as a gift or to simply enjoy for themselves. This is to commemorate a beloved pet that has passed (ask about our ability to add a passed pet’s ashes to the ink of an etching!) or simply to remember a favorite moment in time. We use traditional techniques from the art of printmaking to honor our companion’s loving face in an elegant piece of artwork that will compliment any decor. Click on the “Etchings” button below to watch the quick video of Mandi and her artist Grammy on how an etching is made!

At Greyboy Pet Prints, we believe pets are therapy and art is healing! Each family has their own story of what a special friend they have had in their pet companion.

Get in touch and tell us YOUR story. We’d love to hear!

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